Damn, I slept so much I woke up in 2024!
Man, I miss the times where we'd laugh at these unironically.

JAN. 1, 2023, 14:50

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JAN. 1, 2023, 14:50

2024! What's up now?

We're finally through with 2022, and we're finally in 2024!
It just took us 2024 years!
Now, what's the plan? What do I have in store for this big ass year?
This year, I want to focus on bigger, better things, not only for the website
but for my own life aswell, I plan to seek a better job, find an even better
house, and bring more cool stuff to the website, new sections, more things to
to play with and download, and if possible, new writers to help me aswell!

2023 was kind of a complicated year, because although I did end up doing a lot, there were long
periods of time where nothing would happen, and for 2024, I want to try and change that
I want to focus on bringing new updates faster, while still not sacrificing any substance
in order to get them out, and I'll try to fulfill this promise by getting a new job
one that doesn't overwork me, one that pays me better, and one that gives me more free
time and doesn't force me to work on weekends, and I'll be getting that by getting
my english certificate so I can work as a translator

But I'll also try to enjoy my life, take life a little bit more easy, look at things with a new
perspective, and try to stop dwelling on my past so much, so I can actually start looking
towards the future I have ahead of me

I want this year to count, I'll make this year count

I hope you all make it count aswell.

Until then, rest easy, heroes.


June S. Sai



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