No such thing as starting over
But can we pretend that there is, just this once?


Weekly Music Recommendation

Start Over - Abandoned Pools
Humanistic, 2001




Another Awesome Update...?

Holllyyy shiiiiiitt, guess who's baaaaack?
And how many times I've said this only to dissapear
right after? Wait, you're not counting?
I should get someone to do that...
Oh Wait, I have an update to wait!

So, as you can see, some of the sections already got some updates
most specifically the Weekly Messages & Song Recommendations
are now semi-daily instead of weekly, the Fanart Corner also had
a slight retouch in preparation for more artists that are coming
to be featured there, and in general, I'm just updating things again

In general, I'm creating things once again!
I'm starting to not only update things more frequently, but also create
new things like videos, and I made one a few days ago about that
whole IDubbbz situation (Don't worry, I didn't go the commentary/drama
channel cookie cutter route and just called him a cuck for 10 minutes)
that you can watch on my channel, and there's more to come!

Don't worry, I won't turn into a commentary channel
I might be a sad man, but not sad enough to start one.

Worries about that aside, this month has been INCREDIBLE for me in
a lot of ways, to the point that I legitimately feel liberated from
everything that's been tormenting me in these past few years
This year has done lots for me, getting a job, having the chance
to work with other people and my friends, finally giving (Now it's long awaited redesign
and the most important thing that happened to me in these
past five/six years; owning up for my mistakes and rekindling
a friendship so dear to me that I thought was long gone for good
and all of this combined gave me the inspiration to get back once
again and start working on things again, so don't you worry
I may have neglected the website and myself for a while now
but this time I'll make this work for real!
So try to not give up the hope, even though I ask you to do
the same thing every two weeks!

Anyways, I have to work on a lot of things now, hopefully they'll
be out sooner than you expect
But as of now, that's about it
Stay well, stay safe, and I'll see you when I see you.





Last Update:
May 28, 2023

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